Thursday, 17 July 2008

Romanian cops cuff 24 cybercrime suspects

Source: The Register

"Romanian police have arrested 24 people, all thought to belong to a single cybercrime gang. The group is suspected of involvement in various identity theft, credit card and auction fraud scams said to have raked in an estimated €400,000 ($634,000) from foreign victims, according to Romanian news reports. Targets of the scams reportedly included eBay, and"

Soloway case reveals big business behind spam

Source: Network World

This summary of testimony from the Soloway sentencing hearing provides some information on the scope of black market business behind spam. For example, testimony from Adam Sweaney, a botnet broker (just a middle man, intermediating between various botherders and spammers) reveals, "a typical week might involve selling three or four botnets to any of his six regular customers".

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cybercrime Organizational Structures and Modus Operandi

Source: Finjan

"In its Q2 2008 Web Security Trends Report, Finjan outlines the latest developments in the cybercrime commercialization economy."

"The report includes real documented discussions conducted by Finjan’s researchers with resellers of stolen data and their “bosses”, confirming Finjan’s analysis of the current state of the cybercrime economy."