Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Yahoo and Microsoft take aim at lottery scams


"Yahoo and Microsoft are teaming up in an effort to stop lottery e-mail scams. ... The campaign will establish a new service which allows victims of the scams to share police reports. ... The hope is that the database will better enable both the companies and law enforcements to link the lottery scam cases and track down the criminals behind the fraud operations. INTERPOL will also contribute to the project by spreading awareness of the site and encouraging law enforcement groups to utilize the database in investigations."

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Parcel mules scam exposed

Source: The Register

The Register has a small report on a primarily West African scam where people are being recruited as reshippers ("parcel mules") for goods purchased with stolen credit cards. The victims in this case are all women who have been recruited by online boyfriends who claim to be working for an African orphanage.

EU pushes for central IT crime reporting platform


"The EU Council of Justice and Home Affairs is calling for a single communications network to be created to improve the circulation of information on online crime. ... [T]he European Police Office (Europol) is the best body to host and run this type of centralised platform and help combat international cybercrime more effectively."

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Alleged Hackers Charged With Highway Robbery, Literally

Source: Threat Level from

Here's an interesting twist on identity theft. US-based Russian cybercriminals were able to modify the contact details of trucking companies on a US Department of Transportation website, and thereby conduct fraud by impersonating the trucking companies. The pair of crooks would accept transportation jobs while posing as a reputable trucking company, then outsource the job to a smaller company. The crooks would be paid by the customer, and the smaller trucking company would ultimately bill the real trucking company (who then deny all knowledge of the job, of course).

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Cybercrime Supersite 'DarkMarket' Was FBI Sting

Source: Threat Level from

According to documents from the German national police, an FBI agent gained an administrator position on the cybercrime marketplace website "" in a long-running sting operation. The FBI used DarkMarket to build "intelligence briefs" on its members, complete with their internet IP addresses and details of their activities on the site.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Fraud Ring Funnels Data From Cards to Pakistan


A sophisticated organised crime gang has been bugging credit card terminals at a number of large British retailers, forwarding the card and PIN data to Pakistan. The bugs are very subtle, and there is no external evidence of tampering. They maintain a low profile, stealing only small numbers of credit cards rather than indiscriminately copying everything.